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Watch this video to learn more about Fair Employment Practices.

1. Fair Employment Practices

2. Understanding Fair Employment

3. Everyone Loves a Great Boss (Mandarin)
爱上好老板 ( 中文版)

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Episode 2:
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What's New


Click here to send your Hindu colleagues and friends a Deepavali e-card, with compliments from TAFEP. Let’s celebrate inclusiveness and diversity at the workplace together!

Work-Life Week 2014, held between 10th – 14th November 2014, will showcase a variety of talks and workshops to help you discover how you can boost the productivity of your employees, engage them more effectively at the workplace and ultimately increase revenue for your company. To register for any of the events, click here.

Our latest publication 'Flexible Work Arrangements (FWAs) For Better Business Results' is out now. It’s a quick and easy reference guide to the most commonly used Flexible Work Arrangements used in Singapore.

Download the publication by clicking here.

'Exceptional Journeys' showcases employers who value persons with disabilities and regard them as a vital source of creativity and productivity for the organisation; and demonstrate that by making simple adjustments at the workplace, they have been able to build an inclusive work environment for persons with disabilities.

Click here to find out how these employers have built an inclusive workplace by supporting and nurturing persons with disabilities to develop rewarding careers.


Does your job ad comply with the new Fair Consideration Framework (FCF)? According to the FCF, all job ads must meet the requirements stated in the Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices. Click here to find out what are the words and phrases to avoid when creating a job ad.

Upcoming Events

Fair Employment Grievance Handling Workshop

Date: 18 November 2014

Event details: As a supervisor you may encounter the challenge of dealing with upset employees. In such situations you will need an established grievance handling procedure to deal with the situation. It is therefore important that organisations, regardless of size ensure that the right processes are in place and to prepare managers to deal with grievances. This workshop is one of the training courses listed in the 7 areas of Age Management with WorkPro scheme.

Read More

Effective Management of Mature Employees Workshop

Date: 19 November 2014

Event details: Attend this one-day workshop to be equipped with practical knowledge and skills to manage and optimise the strengths of mature employees effectively to maintain competitiveness. This workshop is one of the training courses listed in the 7 areas of Age Management with WorkPro scheme.

Read More

Fair Performance Management Workshop

Date: 21 November 2014

Event details: Learn how you can implement fair and holistic performance management processes and practices in this one-day workshop and is complimentary to all organisations that have signed the Employers Pledge of Fair Employment Practices. This workshop is one of the training courses listed in the 7 areas of Age Management with WorkPro scheme

Read More

Creating an Inclusive Workplace (CIW) Workshop

Date: Workshop 1: 3 October 2014, Workshop 2: 7 November 2014

Event details: Creating an Inclusive Workplace (CIW) workshop is a 16-hour training programme comprising of 2 progressive workshops designed to equipped HR practitioners with the know-hows and practical steps to build an inclusive and harmonious workplace to better engage a diverse workforce in achieving your organisation’s outcomes.

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International Singapore Compact CSR Summit 2014

Date: 16 & 17 October 2014

Event details: This is the 6th year Singapore Compact is organising this Summit. Register now to enjoy early bird discounts (valid until 14 September 2014). Additional discount is available for organisations purchasing multiple passes. Visit for more details or contact Diana Chng at

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TAFEP welcomes and congratulates new pledge signers for the month of September 2014.


The fastest way to learn, try this now:
1. Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment

2. Fair Recruitment and Selection Process

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Step by step e-tool on how to kick start a Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) initiative.

1. Creating an Inclusive Workplace

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Evaluate your organisation's workforce diversity representations here:

1. Workforce Diversity E-Calculator

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Perform self-assessment of your organisation’s Fair Employment Practices here:

1. Fair Employment Online Self-assessment  

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Assess your organisation's Workplace Diversity Management Practices here:

1. Diversity Management Assessment

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5. Increased Productivity and Staff Retention


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