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Congratulations to the 47 winners of the Work-Life Excellence Award 2014. Read about how their organisation has benefitted from implementing work-life strategy at the workplace by clicking here.

Our latest publication 'Flexible Work Arrangements (FWAs) For Better Business Results' is out now. It’s a quick and easy reference guide to the most commonly used Flexible Work Arrangements used in Singapore.

Download the publication by clicking here.

'Exceptional Journeys' showcases employers who value persons with disabilities and regard them as a vital source of creativity and productivity for the organisation; and demonstrate that by making simple adjustments at the workplace, they have been able to build an inclusive work environment for persons with disabilities.

Click here to find out how these employers have built an inclusive workplace by supporting and nurturing persons with disabilities to develop rewarding careers.

Does your job ad comply with the new Fair Consideration Framework (FCF)? According to the FCF, all job ads must meet the requirements stated in the Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices. Click here to find out what are the words and phrases to avoid when creating a job ad.

Upcoming Events

11 Feb 2015

Join us for this 1-day workshop to learn how you can put in place an action plan to train and develop the careers of Singaporeans and retain them in your workforce to achieve business sustainability and growth. Registration closes on 4 February 2015.

10 Feb 2015

As a supervisor you may encounter the challenge of dealing with upset employees. In such situations you will need an established grievance handling procedure to deal with the situation. It is therefore important that organisations, regardless of size ensure that the right processes are in place and to prepare managers to deal with grievances.

05 Feb 2015

Attend this one-day workshop to be equipped with practical knowledge and skills to manage and optimise the strengths of mature employees effectively to maintain competitiveness. This workshop is one of the training courses listed in the 7 areas of Age Management with WorkPro scheme.

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