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More than 3,000 organisations in Singapore, including Singapore National Employers Federation, Singapore Business Federation, Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, the Chinese, Malay, Indian, American, German and Japanese Chambers of Commerce have signed the Employers’ Pledge of Fair Employment Practices.

The Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP) applaud these progressive employers for their commitment to Fair Employment Practices.

Total Pledge-Signers To Date = 3328

New Pledge Signers

TAFEP welcomes and congratulates new pledge signers for the month of Jul 2014

1. AcePro Creative Pte. Ltd.
2. Addvalue Innovation Pte Ltd
68. Mary Chia Beauty & Slimming Specialist (Orchard) Pte. Ltd.
69. Mary Chia Beauty & Slimming Specialist Pte Ltd
70. Masterseals Int. Pte. Ltd.
73. Ming Fa Food Industries Pte. Ltd.
8. APTSTAR Consultancy Pte. Ltd.
74. Moh Sim Wood Products Pte Ltd
9. Aron Lifts International Pte. Ltd.
10. Artemis Bio Pte. Ltd.
76. Natural Fruits & Drinks Pte Ltd
11. Artemis Fine Foods A.S. Pte. Ltd.
77. New Multi Foodstuff
12. Artemis Ocean Pte. Ltd.
78. Next Capital Entertainment Pte. Ltd.
79. Next Capital JV Pte. Ltd.
14. Asia Recycling Resources Pte. Ltd.
80. Next Capital Pte. Ltd.
15. Asiatic Fire Systems Pte Ltd
82. Pacific Crest Pte Ltd
17. Aston Packaging Pte Ltd
83. Pacific Radiance Ltd
18. Bengawan Solo Pte Ltd
84. Parklane Art Framer & Trading
20. Cavi-Busway Pte. Ltd.
21. Century Global Pte. Ltd.
87. Pin Industry Enterprise
22. Chan Yew Leather Bags Manufacturer
23. China Aviation Oil (Singapore) Corporation Ltd
89. Print Dynamics (S) Pte Ltd
25. Combat Durian Pte. Ltd.
91. Qiao Sheng Engineering Pte. Ltd.
26. Crest Subsea International Pte Ltd
27. CrestSA Marine & Offshore Pte Ltd
93. Reveres Management Associates Pte Ltd
28. Cretel Food Equipment Pte Ltd
94. S Travel Pte. Ltd.
95. Security & Risk Solutions Pte Ltd
30. CSI Offshore Pte Ltd
31. Cyberland International Education Centre
97. Singapore International Trading Group Pte. Ltd.
98. Sky Loft Private Limited
34. Elitez Pte. Ltd.
35. Embrio Consulting Pte. Ltd.
101. Soon Dee Hong Container Services
36. Eng Bee Foodstuffs Manufacturing Pte Ltd
102. SPA Menu Pte. Ltd.
37. Evermarch Holdings Pte Ltd
103. Spearhead Global Services Pte. Ltd.
38. Exquisite Art Furniture Interior Decoration Pte. Ltd.
104. Sterling Trends & Concepts Pte Ltd
105. Strato Maritime Services Pte Ltd
40. Fleetwinch Control Pte Ltd
106. Sufi Cake & Confectionery Pte. Ltd.
41. Food District Pte. Ltd.
107. Swiss-Treats Pte. Ltd.
109. Tam's Studio
44. Guangdong Import & Export Pte Ltd
110. Tan Ah Leng Logistic Supplies
111. TATA Consultancy Services Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
46. Hiap Seng Piling Construction Pte Ltd
112. Tea Chapter Trading Pte Ltd
47. Hilltop Deluxe Nite-Club Pte. Ltd.
48. Hock Heng Seng Contractor Pte Ltd
49. Home's Favourite Private Limited
115. Titan Offshore Equipment Pte Ltd
50. Hsiu Chin Crafts Pte Ltd
116. Titular Roman Catholic Archbishop Of Singapore
51. Hui Master International Geomancy Pte. Ltd.
117. TSF Building Construction Pte Ltd
119. Unitary ACE Pte Ltd
54. iTrade Marketing
120. United Home Employment Agency Pte. Ltd.
121. Urban Homme Face and Body Studio for Men Pte. Ltd.
56. Kelture, The Image Shop LLP
122. Victoria 88 Distributions Pte. Ltd.
124. Wee Kee Catering Pte. Ltd.
60. Koinonia Communications
126. White Knights Security Services Pte. Ltd.
62. LE Xin Catering Pte Ltd
64. Lian Tat Plumbing Installation Pte. Ltd.
130. Wonderful (M&E) Engineering Pte. Ltd.
65. Lohmun Leather Products Pte Ltd
66. Ma Kuang Chinese Medicine & Research Centre Pte Ltd

# A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Others

Company names begin with "T"
T S Chua Air-con & Refrigeration Service
The Villa Bali Pte. Ltd.
T. & C. Manufacturing Company Private Limited
Tact Business Services Pte Ltd
Theresa Beauty Slimming & Fitness Pte Ltd
Tai Cheng Motor Vehicle Spray Painting
Theresa Holdings Pte. Ltd.
Tai Tong Ah Co Pte Ltd
Thermic Coating Industries Pte. Ltd.
Takeda Development Center Asia, Pte. Ltd.
Talense Pte. Ltd.
Thio Employment Consultants Pte Ltd
Talent Touche Pte. Ltd.
THM Palace
Talent2 Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Thome Ship Management Pte. Ltd
Tam's Studio
Thomson Reuters Corporation Pte. Ltd.
Tan Ah Leng Logistic Supplies
Tan Tock Seng Hospital Pte Ltd
Thrive Consultancy LLP
Tanaka Electronics Singapore (Pte) Ltd
THT Logistics Pte Ltd
Tanglin Club
Thynk Consulting Group Pte. Ltd.
Tanker Pacific Management (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Thyssenkrupp Elevator (Singapore) Pte. Ltd
Tar Hong Pte Ltd
Tian Hwee Long Enterprises
Tarkus Interiors Pte Ltd
TIBCO Software Singapore Pte Ltd
Tat Seng Packaging Group Ltd
Tien Hsia Language School
Tien Wah Press (Pte.) Limited
TATA Consultancy Services Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
Tata Precision Industries Private Limited
Tigernix Pte. Ltd.
Tilecon Pte Ltd
Taurus Transportation & Forwarding Agencies Pte Ltd
Times Newslink
Tavica Logistics Pte. Ltd.
Timor Global Pte. Ltd.
Taylor & Francis Asia Pacific
Titan Offshore Equipment Pte Ltd
TBC HR Consulting (S) Pte. Ltd.
Titular Roman Catholic Archbishop Of Singapore
TCC Hospitality Resources Pte. Ltd.
TJ Cheng Law Corporation
TCC Manpower Pte. Ltd.
TJ Systems (S) Pte Ltd
TCC Solutions Pte. Ltd.
TLM Recruitment Pte. Ltd.
TCG Rengo (S) Limited
TMC Education Corporation Ltd.
TCL Thomson Electronics Singapore Pte. Ltd
TME Systems Pte Ltd
Tea Chapter Trading Pte Ltd
Team Building Asia (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
TNS Ocean Lines (S) Pte. Ltd.
Team Logistics (S) Agencies Pte. Ltd.
Tnt Express Worldwide (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Team Plumbing & Construction Pte Ltd
Toa Corporation
Team-6 Safety Training & Consultancy (S) Pte. Ltd.
TOA Harbor (S) Pte Ltd
Today Recruitment Consultancy Pte. Ltd.
Technopals Pte. Ltd.
Tognum Asia Pte. Ltd.
Teck Teck Pte. Ltd.
Tokio Marine Asset Management International Pte Ltd
Teco Electric & Machinery (Pte .) Ltd
Tee International Limited
Toll (Asia) Pte. Ltd.
Tee Wan Battery & Tyre Pte Ltd
Toll (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
Teho Ropes & Supplies Pte. Ltd.
Toll Logistics (Asia) Limited
Teijin Polycarbonate Singapore Pte Ltd
Toll Offshore Petroleum Services Pte. Ltd.
Tele-Centre Services Pte Ltd
Toll Zenecon Pte. Ltd.
Telechoice International Limited
Tony & Tan Marketing Pte Ltd
Telemarketing Asia (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Temasek Club, TheĀ 
Top Parking Pte Ltd
Temasek Polytechnic
Tembusu Partners Pte. Ltd.
Toshiba Electronics Asia (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
Temp Express Pte. Ltd.
Toshiba Singapore Pte Ltd
Ten & Han Trading Pte Ltd
Toshiba Tec Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Tenet Capital Ltd.
Total Petrochemicals South East Asia Pte. Ltd.
Teraoka Weigh-System Pte Ltd
Tote Board
Terasaki Electric Company (Far East) Pte. Ltd.
Tour Connections Pte Ltd
Termi-Mesh Singapore Pte Ltd
Towers Watson International Survey Research (Amea) Pte. Ltd.
Tetra Pak Asia Pte Ltd
Towers Watson Pennsylvania Inc.
Texas Instruments Singapore (Pte) Limited
Towers Watson Risk Consulting Pte. Ltd.
Thales Solutions Asia Pte. Ltd.
Towers Watson Singapore Pte. Ltd
Toyo Jitsugyo (S) Pte Ltd
The Adventus Consultants Pte Ltd
TP Vision Singapore Pte. Ltd.
The Bank Of Nova Scotia
Traders Hotel Singapore
Traditional Arts
The Chapman Consulting Group Pte. Ltd.
Training Masters Workforce Institute Pte Ltd
The China Navigation Company Pte. Ltd.
Trakindo Utama Services (S) Pte Ltd
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Trane Distribution Pte. Ltd.
The Dessert Shop Pte Ltd
TransBuilders Pte Ltd
The Elizabeth
The English Pub Company Pte Ltd
Transit Link Pte Ltd
The Esplanade Co Ltd
Trans-Orient Shipping Pte Ltd
The Fullerton Hotel
Transquest Supplies & Co Pte Ltd
The GMP Group
Trend Singapore West Pte Ltd
Tribal DDB Pte Ltd
Trident Contract Resources (Pte.) Ltd.
The Laryngeal Mask Company (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
Tridentiv Industrial & Marine Services Pte. Ltd.
The Legends Fort Canning Park Pte. Ltd.
Tridentiv Logistics Pte. Ltd.
The Leprosy Mission Corporation
Trilogy Technologies Pte. Ltd.
The Little Blue Dot Consultancy Pte. Ltd.
Tri-Net Logistics (Asia) Pte Ltd
The Little Kids House - Vegetarian
Triple 'S' Protection Private
The National Kidney Foundation
Tropic Planners & Landscape Pte Ltd
The Northern Trust Company, Singapore Branch
Tropical Oil Products Pte Ltd
The Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore
Trustford Consultants Pte Ltd
The Pau Shop Pte Ltd
Tsao Foundation
The Polyolefin Company (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
TSF Building Construction Pte Ltd
The Rainforest Sports Hub Pte. Ltd.
The Regent Singapore
T-Systems Singapore Pte. Ltd.
The Retreat Concepts Pte. Ltd.
Tuan Sing Holdings Limited
The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore
Tuas Power Ltd
The Royal Mail Pte. Ltd.
Tuas Power Supply Pte Ltd
The Sentosa Resort & Spa
Tung Lok Millennium Pte Ltd
The Shichida Method (S) Pte. Ltd.
Turbine Coating Services Pte Ltd
Turbine Overhaul Services Pte Ltd
The Sukha House Pte. Ltd.
TUV SUD PSB Certification Pte. Ltd.
The Swatch Group S.E.A. (S) Pte Ltd
The Training Bureau Pte. Ltd.
Twin Disc (Far East) Limited
The Training World Pte. Ltd.
Tyco Electronics Manufacturing Singapore Pte Ltd
The Traveller Dmc Pte. Ltd.
Tyco Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd
The Union Apac
Tyco Fire & Building Products Asia Pte. Ltd.
The University Of Chicago Booth School Of Business
Tyco Safety Products
The Vegetable Company Pte Ltd
TYT Corporation Pte Ltd

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