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Learn more about how older workers can benefit your company and the fields to avoid in job application forms in the latest issue of Upbeat.

‘ABILITY IS AGELESS’ directs employers and employees to look beyond their biases to see abilities of older workers and the value they bring to the company. Click here to watch!.

Find out more about the roles that employers and employees can play in creating an inclusive workplace. Catch highlights of the recent TAFEP-ST roundtable on older workers here.

Work Happy: Happy Work - Happy Life
50 Employers Who Make It Look Easy
celebrates successful organisations who have implemented innovative work-life programmes. Click here to read how these forward-looking employers facilitate the way employees “Work”, “Live” and “Play” for good work-life. 

Upcoming Events

16 Feb 2016

To succeed in today's competitive landscape, organisations need to be able to bring out the best in their employees; and hiring the right person for the job is often the first step to achieve this...

19 Feb 2016

With effect from 1 April 2015, New Pledge Signers are invited to attend TAFEP's Welcome Event.
Pledge Signers will collect the Welcome Kit and Employers’ Pledge of Fair Employment Practices...

23 Feb 2016

This interactive and hands-on programme is specially designed for individuals who are required to work with multi-generational teams. Gain tips for building an irrefutable business case and...

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