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Alexandra Hospital


Alexandra Hospital (AH) was recognised with the International Innovative Employer Awards given by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), a United States based non-profit organisation representing 40 million members aged 50 and over. AH has a positive workplace policy such as employee benefits and opportunities for career development for their older workers, and retain between 80 to 90 percent of their staff who turn 62.

Programmes such as HOP@Work enable older workers to manage their health and lifestyle better. HOP@Work serves to empower mature workers with the skills, knowledge and attitude to take charge of their health and lifestyle practices.

Besides health education, older workers receive individual health assessments and health intervention programmes, including weight management, hypertension management and fall prevention, to help them manage their health and lifestyle practices. Upon graduating from the programme, employees receive a personalised Health Report Card.

Other initiatives to enhance the employability of older workers include job redesign, and improving work processes and environment for older workers.
Examples of the current pro-mature projects by AH:

1. The Older Workers' Safety Care System (Equipment Re-engineering Programme)
The human resource department works with the rehabilitation department to explore and develop Ergonomics Work Training System through the re-engineering of equipment. Examples of Job Redesign through Equipment Re-engineering include customised Mortuary Transfer Trolley, the motorisation of MRO (Medical Record Office) Trolley and, the re-engineering of a Motorised Cart with steering and braking system.
 2. Job Redesign of Patient Care Associates (PCAs)
AH embarked on the Job Redesign Programme to reorganise and redesign work processes. This has resulted in the creation of new job positions known as Patient Care Associates (PCAs), in order to enhance the employability of mature workers as well as streamline care delivery services to patients.

Older workers are now able to upgrade their skills set and enjoy a more attractive remuneration package. In fact, AH was awarded the May Day Commendation Award 2008 for their contributions in enhancing the employability of older workers in the Singapore workforce.
3. Flexible Work Arrangements

These are available to all employees including older workers who may need flexibility to manage personal or family responsibilities. Some of the flexible work arrangements offered include:

  • Compressed work schedule (for nursing staff) — mature nurses benefit from being able to better manage work alongside family responsibilities and also provide sufficient rest days. It has also enhanced patient care.
  • Part-time work and job-sharing — mature workers who do not want to work the full schedule of hours can continue to work and contribute. The hospital has benefited as valued staff are retained and helped the departments to handle peak workload.