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Assess candidates for what they can do, not what they can’t


Ming is a hearing-impaired engineer. He lip reads to supplement his communication. He was hired and assigned to a client before he was let go after only a few days without any notice pay. Ming felt that he had been discriminated against as he was ignored, made to feel “non-existent” and not given an opportunity to show what he could contribute.

Feeling discouraged, Ming approached TAFEP. With Ming’s consent, TAFEP provided the employer with feedback on Ming’s concern. The employer reflected and subsequently apologised to Ming for the mishandling of the situation. As a responsible employer, they agreed that it was still important for employees to be treated fairly and with respect even when deployed off-site. While the employer was unable to find a suitable alternative client posting for Ming, they compensated the notice pay that was due to him.

"I wish to express my appreciation to you and TAFEP for assisting in the smooth and successful conclusion to my case. It is both a relief and burden off my shoulders."

Actual text from note of appreciation from "Ming"