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Business Benefits


Why Be Fair?

How does it help you if you follow fair and merit-based employment practices? Not only is it the right thing to do, it also helps your business in many ways. 

Access to Wider Talent Pool
Finding the right people with the right skills is important for your company. With Singapore’s declining workforce, this can be difficult. Applying fair employment practices helps you to reach a wider talent pool. Have you thought about having older workers and women fill vacancies in your company? Tap into their valuable experience, skills and talents. 
Increased Productivity and Staff Retention
When you hire and reward your employees based on ability and skill rather than age, gender, or skin colour--you make sure that the best person gets the job. This builds your employees’ confidence and earns their respect for your leadership. When they trust you, they work more efficiently and give their best. This leads to high morale and higher staff retention. Read how Wing Tai Holdings hires based on merit and how they won their employees' loyalty. 
Innovation Leading to Business Growth
Companies that adopt fair employment practices attract people of different backgrounds. Such a diverse workforce can help increase innovation and creativity in your company. They can share fresh ideas and unique perspectives to grow your business. 
Greater Customer Satisfaction
A diverse workforce can give you unique insights into the minds and experiences of your customers and target markets. Read how Shell Eastern Petroleum has benefited from having a diverse team when coming up with their loyalty programme in Singapore.
Deployment Flexibility
A diverse workforce gives you the flexibility to maintain the right staff levels while allowing you to hit your goals. For example, during festive and holiday periods, you will be able to minimise scheduling conflicts since you hire people from diverse ethnicities.
Be a Sought-After Employer 
Be a company that Singaporeans want to work for. Companies with a reputation for following fair employment practices find it easier to attract and recruit talent. They also enjoy better sales and customer satisfaction levels.
Being a fair employer is the right thing to do.
So, hire on merit. Be a fair employer.
Sign the Employers’ Pledge of Fair Employment Practices and be part of a group of progressive employers in Singapore!