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Case Studies Workplace Case Studies Do the Right Thing by Respecting Maternity Leave Entitlements


Feng came to TAFEP upset. She was looking forward to starting work when she discovered that she was pregnant. She was disappointed with her new employer’s reaction when they learnt of her pregnancy. Her new supervisor told her she was no longer welcome in his team. He remarked that her coming maternity leave would make it difficult for his team during their busy period and that it was probably best if she does not come on board after all.

Feng knew that she had the skills and ability to do the work. Her skill set was one of the reasons why she had been selected and she knew she would be able to contribute well to her new employer if given a chance. Feng was surprised at her new employer’s short term focus. With Feng’s consent, TAFEP approached the employer to share Feng’s concerns and to explore if there was a win-win solution possible.

When contacted, the new employer quickly appreciated Feng’s predicament as Feng had left her former employer at short notice to join them. After discussion with TAFEP, the employer reviewed the situation and offered Feng re-assignment with another team. They also offered Feng compensation for the notice pay that she had to make to her former firm. The employer recognised that it is important for the firm to consistently align its actions with its business values.