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Developing a Singaporean Core


TAFEP received feedback of foreign supervisors at some financial institutions preferring to hire their own countrymen over Singaporeans. TAFEP met with the senior management of the firms to help them better meet their responsibilities to make reasonable efforts to attract and develop Singaporeans on the basis of merit.

The firms affirmed their support and commitment to developing a Singaporean core. A few firms acknowledged that certain departments did seem to have “hot spots” where clusters of employees from the same country appeared to develop over time. The firms undertook to monitor the employment trends at the department level more closely to ensure hiring was on merit.

Some steps taken included more active initiatives to recruit and develop Singaporeans; improved internal communication and grievance handling procedures so that Singaporeans’ with concerns in this area could safely raise their concerns;  and enhancing cross cultural training for new arrivals to improve integration and reduce risk of misunderstanding.