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Eliminate Misunderstandings by Providing Clear Justification in Job Criteria


Norizan highlighted to TAFEP a job advertisement by a recruitment agency which specified that job applicants for healthcare positions must be Mandarin speakers. There was neither justification nor explanation for this requirement in the job advertisement. When approached by TAFEP, the recruitment agency explained that there are language requirements for the healthcare positions as the candidates must be able to liaise with elderly Chinese/dialect-speaking patients. However, they also understood the importance of explaining the requirements so as to allow candidates to better understand the job needs. The recruitment firm amended the job advertisement immediately and apologised for the oversight in not including the justification for the requirement, which resulted in misperceptions amongst the job seeking community. The agency’s consultants noted the incident as a learning point and committed to being more mindful and to following the fair employment principles with regards to non-discriminatory job advertisements.