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Employee Well-Being Programme


Given the need to manage an increasingly diverse workforce, well-being programmes are essential. Well-being programmes are policies and activities you may introduce to foster your employees’ physical, mental, and emotional well-being. These programmes may include conducting health workshops, organizing fitness programmes, sports activities and corporate social responsibility events, and maintaining a well-stocked pantry for your employees.

Adopting well-being programmes can help you create a productive workforce across all age groups and strengthen your organisation’s culture and branding. Implementing a Worker Well-Being Programme is also an important talent attraction and retention strategy. This is especially important for the mature workers in your organisation.

Here are some benefits you can gain from putting in place well-being programmes in your company:

Increased Productivity
When your employees enjoy adequate rest and work-life balance, they are happier and less likely to become sick. As a result, they do not need to be frequently absent from work. . A healthy workforce increases your overall productivity.

Reduced Healthcare Costs
With worker well-being programmes contributing to healthier employees, companies can save on medical costs. You can channel these savings into other financial areas and help increase your company’s overall bottom line.

Improved Talent Attraction and Retention
Employees like to be part of a greater cause. Being part of outreach programmes which extend towards giving back to society make employees proud of the organisation they work for. Coupled with an inclusive and healthy work environment, employees are likely to feel satisfied with their jobs and motivated to remain with the organisation. As a result of the good workplace culture and environment, talent attraction and retention are likely to increase.