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Fair Employment E-Learning & Tool Kits


This online tool helps organisations especially SMEs kick-start their Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) journey. Studies have shown that D&I makes business sense in the long run. Besides increased employee engagement and satisfaction, D&I also increase creativity and innovation. This start-up kit introduces key steps to make it happen.
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The Workforce Diversity E-Calculator is designed to evaluate your organisation’s workforce diversity representations and provide some recommendations to ensure you have a inclusive workplace.
Click here to access the E-Calculator.
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The Fair Employment Online Self-assessment tool enables organisations to gauge their current status and level of engagement with regard to fair employment initiatives and provides recommendations which they can consider adopting in furthering fair employment in their organisations.
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The Diversity Management Assessment is a self-assessment tool in the Workplace Diversity Management Tool Kit, and helps organisations to assess their current state of workplace diversity management, identify gaps and areas of improvement in diversity management within their organisations. The Workplace Diversity Management Tool Kit is developed by the National Integration Working Group on Workplaces (NIWG-W) to help organisations in Singapore implement effective workplace diversity management practices. For additional resources on Workplace Diversity Management, please click here.
The Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices E-learning Programme uses animations and quizzes to encourage employers to abide by the principles of fair employment and to adopt the recommended good practices through an interactive learning mode.
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The Fair Recruitment and Selection Process E-learning programme provides the principles and step by step guide for designing a fair and objective recruitment process through interactive activities as well as offering practical tips for establishing a systematic and structured fair and merit-base recruitment programme.
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