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Hiring Based On Skills and Ability


Madam Tan retired a few years ago due to her family commitments. Heeding the government’s call for older persons to be active and contribute to the economy, she called in to a job advertisement for dental assistant, only to be told that they were looking for someone younger. Madam Tan approached TAFEP as she felt that employers should not reject a candidate based on age and older workers should be given fair consideration.

The employer clarified that the job was physically demanding, fast paced and required staff to be on their feet the whole day. TAFEP advised on the Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices and that employers should not stipulate age as a job requirement. The employer was advised to use objective criteria and specify the work conditions for candidates.

The employer made clear that they had no intention of discriminating against older workers and assured that they would exercise greater care and use objective job criteria to assess interested candidates.