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Housing & Development Board


Pre-retirement Planning

In December 2008, Housing & Development Board (HDB) put in place a structured Re-Employment Framework to consider the re-employment of employees reaching the retirement age of 62, up to 65. To prepare employees for retirement, discussions on their retirement plans and the re-employment opportunities available in HDB are held at least one year before they retire.

Employees will also be encouraged to attend retirement planning classes. Those found suitable for re-employment are offered a one-year contract, renewable on a yearly basis up to age 65, and subject to the re-employment criteria. HDB, together with the HDB Staff Union, also provides assistance in identifying alternative employment opportunities in the event that HDB is unable to offer re-employment.

“It’s great that staff my age have the opportunity to carry on working in HDB,” shares 63-year-old Higher Corporate Administrative Executive, Albert Sim, currently on his second re-employment contract with HDB.

Before his re-employment in 2008, Albert was in charge of the microfilming of HDB’s hardcopy files, its mail lift system and supervising about 10 staff. Now he takes on project-based work, like the conservation of HDB’s historical records. The training he has received in the past has equipped him for his new roles.