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IBM Singapore Pte Ltd


As a part of IBM’s commitment to diversity and equal opportunity, IBM Singapore introduced a central ’Reasonable Accommodation or Adjustment Budget’ Policy that ensures individuals with disability are enabled to perform to their fullest capability and deliver valuable outcomes for the business.

Under this initiative, support and reasonable accommodations are provided to employees with disabilities to take into account their specific needs to perform the essential functions of their job. This can take the form of a modification or adjustment to the job, the work environment, or the manner in which duties are accomplished. Examples of reasonable accommodations may include job restructuring, interpreters, readers and equipment / facility modifications.

A qualified individual who has a disability can thus be provided equal employment opportunity. This means that he or she can attain the same level of performance or to enjoy equal benefits and privileges of employment that are available to other employees. The cost of accommodations is borne at the organisation level, removing the financial element from the individual’s department level.