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McDonald’s Restaurants


When it comes to employing mature workers, McDonald’s is considered a trailblazer. It started recruiting mature workers in the mid 1980’s and today, mature workers form 50 percent of its workforce.

In order to help mature workers integrate into the workplace, McDonald’s uses a systematic and comprehensive training system which utilises aids such as pictures to communicate the training messages simply and effectively.

In addition, changes to the infrastructure of the restaurant including larger visuals on their cashiering system as well as flexible hours have also helped the company attract mature workers.

"The presence of mature workers is important as they help impart values such as punctuality, discipline and pride in their work to their younger colleagues in the restaurants. As part of McDonald’s guiding principle to provide equal opportunities and treat all our staff with fairness, dignity and respect, mature workers, fondly called ‘aunties’ and ‘uncles’, are key to the family and supportive environment we strive to create in McDonald’s."

Ms Patricia Yong
Human Resource Manager