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NTUC Club, the entertainment arm of NTUC, was established in December 1986 to provide affordable lifestyle options for union members and the public. Based on the core values of care, passion, trust and service excellence, the club has grown by leaps and bounds. The club strongly encourages re-employment of older workers and has taken many initiatives in the direction.

“Our older workers are dedicated and produce good quality work. They are usually more detail-oriented, focused and attentive. They take pride in their work and have good communication skills. Maturity comes from years of life and work experiences and these traits are reflected quite evidently in their daily work.”
Mr Charles Khng
General Secretary
NTUC Club Attractions
Resorts & Entertainment Union

As part of the Council for Third Age (C3A) Active Ageing Celebrations 2009, the club helped introduce “U Live The Good Life” - an all-inclusive “one-stop shop” carnival targeted at active agers 55 years and above. The Active Ageing Celebrations organised under the Active Ageing Festival umbrella is specially created to organise activities that promote the active ageing lifestyle. The club is also working on various areas such as training, health and wellness programmes, a performance-based wage system and job re-design. One such initiative has been the Portable Medical Benefits Scheme which benefits the older workers in terms of portability and lifetime coverage.

“People often say that one is over the hill at this stage of life, but our senior members have proven to be an active lot who are gainfully employed and continue to demonstrate a zest for life through their strong participation in many union activities, including competitive sports. NTUC Club has a long history of working with our senior members, including those in their sixties, seventies and beyond, and we are deeply encouraged by many who continue to keep themselves active, fit and healthy.”

Mr Yeo Khee Leng
Chief Executive Officer