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Singapore Post Limited


Mr Wilson Tan, Group Chief Executive Officer of Singpost said: “At Singpost, we hire on merit. When it comes to doing the work – whether sorting the mail, delivering packages, serving customers or supporting the operations, what matters is whether the person can do the job and contribute to the business; and not the person’s race, language, religion, age or gender.”

Singpost has been actively promoting fair employment practices as part of its company’s core values and has reaped may benefits from that. According to Mr Tan, when employees know that they are working for an organisation that hires and rewards on merit, there is a natural driving force that will spur them to give their best at work and realise their full potential.

As part of its efforts to maintain a diverse and inclusive workplace, SingPost has embarked on several fair employment initiatives. These include hiring older workers and offering retired workers employment opportunities within the organisation. SingPost also offers part-time or flexible work arrangements to encourage women to return to the workforce, enabling them to juggle between work and family commitments. These initiatives are practices that SingPost holds true to even during tough economic times.

“As the trusted service provider to a multi-racial community, SingPost’s diverse workforce is our strength. Many long-serving employees, some with more than 40 years of service, stayed with us because they know that at SingPost, we treat each employee fairly and with respect,” said Mr Tan.