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Work-Life Consultants


What Can a Work-Life Consultant Do For You?
A Work-Life Consultant can provide your HR managers and employees with assistance and advice on work-life issues. Talent management requires expert advice. Work-Life Consultants can give you that Empower your staff with creative ideas and long-term solutions to help them balance their responsibilities at home and  workplace. 
Hired on a contractual or long-term basis, Work-Life Consultants will work closely with you  to promote a supportive and enabling work environment to increase productivity and performance by establishing the business case for work-life strategies in your company. They will also coach and provide you with recommendations on creating and putting in place work-life strategies catered specifically to your organisational needs. Effectiveness of these Work-life strategies can also be tracked.
Work-Life Consultants can also advise on how you can help your employees navigate life beyond the workplace. They understand that fostering a pro-family environment in Singapore goes beyond establishing Work-Life Integration policies. They are always ready to give each of your employees advice on personal issues or recommend programmes that could better fit their needs.
The Areas Work-Life Consultants Can Help in:
1. Establish the Business Case for Existing Work Life 
  • Current Employees Profiling
  • Current Work Life Initiative
2. Gap Analysis
  • Needs Assessment Process & Findings
  • Analysis of Work-Life Needs​
3. Recommendations for Implementations 
  • Propose Flexible Work Options
  • Propose Leave Benefits
  • Propose Health & Welfare Benefits
  • Preliminary Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Proposed Implementation Plan
  • Proposed Communication Plan