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Work Life Movers


The pursuit of Work-Life Harmony means making active deliberate choices on which opportunities to take advantage of, and which ones to let go off, instead of simply planning ways to respond to crises. Successful management leaders have found that furthering their work goals entails careful consideration of their duties at home and at work without disengaging themselves from their loved ones, their work mission and vision, and their personal requirements.

In this section, we offer you an inside look on how leaders of successful organisations in Singapore have made those choices without compromising on their quality of life and their relationships with colleagues and family members. We share their journeys and challenges, and hope that these stories will inspire your organisation to follow in their footsteps and be the catalyst for Work-Life transformation to benefit both your business and your employees. Organisation by organisation, we can create a better Work-Life climate for Singapore.

Stories of Work-Life Movers